I finally figured out what to spend my gift card on and I’m getting this AWESOME COOL make up bag that lies flat when you open it (why didn’t I think of this?!) and a really CUTE travel laundry bag and ahhhhhhhh I’ll send you pics when I get them next week to say thank you :)

Finally bit it

and ordered replacements for the leggings I sleep in and my comfy lounge pants which both have started to wear out. Got them on sale + 20% off and free shipping.


lotsofhappy asked:

thanks so much for all your tips on studying abroad in London! I leave in two weeks and I'm so excited but so nervous and just AH!!


You’re more than welcome! Every time I get a note about my London posts it makes me so happy to know that I’m helping people getting ready to study abroad get EXCITED!! And prepared :)